Climate Estimates, Climate Change and Plant Climate Relationships
Plant Species and Climate Profile Predictions

File Naming Conventions

File Naming Structure

<Data Source>_<Scenario>_<Decade of Estimate>.<PNG, TXT or ZIP>

  • PNG files are images of the maps.
  • ZIP files are ASCII grid files of the maps. These zip files will unzip to one file named <Data Source>_<Scenario>_<Decade of Estimate>.txt
  • metadata.xml files are the meta data that describes maps.
Abbreviation Data Source
CGCM3 Canadian Center for Climate Modeling and Analysis
GFDLCM21 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
HADCM3 Hadley Center/World Data Center

Scenarios (A1B, A2, B1, B2) and year of estimate (y2030, y2060, y2090) follow the abbreviation for the data source.

Available Species-Climate Profiles